Ok guys, I know that those first few dates are always a little nerve-racking and you don't want to mess up or overstep your boundaries, but there is one thing that you absolutely CANNOT do when time comes for that first kiss: ask her for it.

That first kiss says "we're on the same page, we're feeling the same thing" - flake out, and inside she thinks "Ugghhhhh, pussy". So whether it's just a sweet peck, or an all out face-grabbing smooch, in that moment you need to step up, take that gamble, and be the man she wants you to be, no questions. Trust me, it will pay off.


  1. Not always as easy as it's written here. Girls can do it, too. I don't know any guy who'd back of from a girl kissing him. XOXO :P

  2. Of course girls can do it too, I hope they do! I'm a huge fan of girls breaking the so called 'rules' of dating. My point here is that guys chicken out too often, if shes on a date with you you're 80% of the way there already... so just go for it.

  3. You're from Canada, right? We don't have a dating culture like you. Sometimes it's too complicated for me, especially if I watch US movies. I have no idea, what the rules are :) If I felt the girl likes me, I'd go for the kiss without hesitation. The problem is that girls are sometimes hard to read :(