Some "Advice" From Cosmo...

I almost choked on my morning coffee when I read this (I swear Cosmo, sometimes you just make it too easy for them):

Body Language Decoder: He Prefers Woman on Top Sex

"According to our survey, 53% of men prefer this chick-in-charge pose. These playful guys are always looking to have a good time, but they still know how to be attentive. Pleasing you is a priority, which is why they prefer a position that best allows you to achieve orgasm."

Riiight, because sprawling out his limp limbs and letting his eyes roll to the back of his head is what you call "being attentive". How coincidental that the best position for my orgasm, is also the one that he needs to do the least work for.


THIS IS A LAZY MAN'S POSITION LADIES! And I'm shocked - especially at Cosmo with 50 years of of sex journalism under it's belt - that we are STILL falling for this crap! Well, guess what?! There are A TON of ways that you can achieve orgasm without twisting your ankle or busting a hip, they just don't want you to know that because it'll mean that they'll actually have to attend to you and do something. Don't make it easy for them girls, if you want to treat him, cool, but don't let him get away without treating you first.

(Although, points for thinking it up boys, it is a good one)


  1. Maybe we should start a movement to call it "the lazyman".

  2. I can't agree on this one Steph. Something's not right here. I don't think it's a lazy man position, nor do I think you can't get an O out of it, that's so not true!! But just keep in mind that the guys do a lot of physical work when it comes to sex. There is a lot of pressure on them to please and perform, whereas we are usually the ones that must be pleased. Masculinity is based so much on sexual performance; whereas for women, femininity is not.

    I believe that it's best with give and take. I like it alot and I don't think it's bcuz J is lazy cuz he's sooo not, lol.