There’s nothing like that feeling that a girl gets when she catches a guy stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of her. But guys, there is a fine line between appreciating a pretty girl and being a pervert, and just because you’re at a temporary loss for words doesn’t mean you can just let your instincts take over. There is just some behavior that is unacceptable, so wipe your drool and listen up:

1) Never stare a girl up and down and say something nasty like “Damn, whats up sexy?”
2) Never lick your lips and rub your hands at her saying “Mmm, mmm, mmm!”
3) Never let your hands follow your eyes and try to reach out for her.

Your a man, your instincts are ape-like, we know, but unfortunately for you we do not live in the jungle so please stop acting like a dirty animal and learn some manners.


  1. LOL high-larious!!!
    so so true.

    Men need to learn a lesson or two on the ways to approach a woman.