OKAY so a while back, in one of my posts, I mentioned that the term "wifey" was not something that we girls should be quick to adopt because it was, more or less, just code for 'nanny' (a cruel way to suck us into doing everything for a man); nothing any confident woman should strive for. Well, it has been brought to my attention that in fact, I was wrong. According to the Urban Dictionary, the term "Wifey" actually means: "A real lady, not your only but your favorite. Different from them hood rat chicks. Sexy in every way possible [...] A woman that you treat right, respect and feel good having as your girl."
Ahhh, so I'm you're real girl (as opposed to your imaginary one?), that you're treating right and respecting by running around with dirty-probably-diseased-ridden 'hood rat chicks' on the side. Oh, okayy, my bad.


I think I'm gonna stick to the advice I gave the first time around, and recommend (again) that we ladies avoid this title as much as possible. Let him call you "boo" or "princess" or something instead.

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