Double Standards... in the Bedroom?!

As a woman, we know that we have to be prepared ahead of time for the countless inequalities and double standards we're going to encounter throughout our lives. I’m just as much prepared to fight for equal pay and opportunities at work as I am to fight for personal respect in a crowded bar on a Saturday night when an unwelcome hand ‘accidentally’ cups my ass. And what’s cool, is that I’m totally prepared to do it all on my own if that’s what comes down to. But um, there’s one double standard that I’m having a really hard time accepting, and to be honest, I don’t think I can handle it on my own. In fact, I think this one requires a group effort by us, the fairer sex, together as one species speaking out against cruel injustice, so unfair, and yet so prevalent that it’s happening in bedrooms/closet spaces/bar bathrooms all across the globe on an everyday basis. I’m talking about going down… ‘there’.

I know I know, it’s nothing compared to a lot of things, but still. Why is guy oral the minimum for fooling around ...and nothing more? Why is it that a girl is expected to go there and not a guy? We wouldn’t be complaining if the act was guaranteed to be reciprocated… but its not, and that’s stupid. I mean, at least give us the option! The experience is not any less gross for us, and its certainly not any more fun, so what’s the big deal? Then there's all that crap about we hear about how they’ll only do it ‘if they really like the girl’, well boohoo, what if we adopted the same motto huh? Let’s see what happens when they find out how much we really like them: Reality check, that’s what.

The only difference between men and women when it comes to oral sex, is that we women have enough sense to remember that THERE ARE TWO PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE MOMENT, so we suck it up and do it (no pun intended). Ok well it's not always because we’re nice, sometimes, for some of us, the act is more about our selfishness than it is about the moment. Less about the other person as it is about that flutter we feel deep inside our stomach when he says how ‘amaaaazing’ we are/ it was, but whatever that’s cool, no judgment. My point, is that at the very least his reputation should be motivation enough to go there too.

We talk. In detail. That should scare them.

No it’s not fun, and no it’s not clean. But it’s also not fair that we’re expected to not just do, but enjoy (or at least fake enjoying) the dirty work for nothing!

So boys, man up and take a lesson from us girls already.


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  1. yes yes YEEESSSS!!! FINALLY!!!!! someone who's hit the spot!!! no pun intended...

    I'm glad you posted this. I experienced this last week- however, I did this for women everywhere- i got MINE and didn't even bother to reciprocate. he was bummed OUT when i didn't return the favor. the next day he tells me "i've never had anyone not return the favor. the only time i never did was because i didn't really like the girl. i'm just wondering if that's the case with you. idk, maybe i'm just overacting......"

    silly, silly boy!

    (ps: your blog is exactly what i've been looking for. i'm so glad i decided to spend the last couple of hours searching!)