10 Reasons...

Why a Single Girl Should Take a 30-day Man Hiatus

So I recently did a mini social experiment along with a friend of mine: no flirting, no dates, and no sex or physical interaction whatsoever with members of the opposite sex. Yeah, it was brutal, but totally worth it too, here’s what we learned:

10. It provides you with the opportunity to slow down… which is always a good thing.

9. It gives you a moment to re-evaluate your relationship(s), past and present.

8. It teaches you self-control, and gives you more confidence and power (… no sex isn’t supposed to be about games, but lets face it, it is what it is).

7. It provides an opportunity to re-connect with your girlfriends, bonds that need to be strong because they're the ones who stick around throughout all of this.

6. It allows you to really get to know guys as friends first, so that jumping in over your head is avoided.

5. It gives you a chance to see what the man (men) in your life is (are) really there for, by this I mean your motives for having him a round, and/or his for being there.

4. It’ll help you enjoy the next time you have sex THAT MUCH MORE!

3. It helps you get to know YOU better, by forcing self-reflection.

2. It shows you what you do and don’t want in a man/ relationship.

1. It helps you realize that while sex is totally fun, its sooo NOT necessary for survival (or attention), and that strong, confident, beautiful girls like us have so much more to offer to the world, really.

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