So recently my girlfriend and I were talking about the men in our lives when our conversation quickly focussed onto a certain type of guy that we all love (and by that I mean love to hate): the “Booty Chaser”. Now the reason I’m making this P.S.A. is because personally, I feel as though I share some responsibility in warning other girls about trying to make this guy a boyfriend since I have naively tried to engage in a relationship with one numerous times, and consequent to my assured and miserable failures, have since learned better. Yes, it’s a funny name for him I know, but I didn’t make it up, so stop judging and listen close:

A ‘Booty Chaser’ is that guy who you have really good (no, like realllly good) physical chemistry with but can’t seem to hold down; he’s a player and flirt, and he has a way of getting you to tear off your clothes in no time flat and simultaneously ignore the fact that you’re merely one name within his list of Bs. He calls last minute, he wants to ‘hang-out’ as opposed to take on you on real dates, he periodically goes AWOL, and then reappears suddenly only to torture you more once you’ve finally managed to put him out of your head… and oh yeah, he’s not interested in a serious relationship with ‘anyone’ right now.

Sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Take my advice and leave it alone hun, a 'Booty Chaser' is not a boyfriend.... they just don't change.

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