10 Reasons...

Why NOT to Date a College Guy:

10. Simply put, his penis is too big, and his brain is too small.

9. 1/2 way through the semester, he's more interested in books than in you.

8. Athlete? 3 words: Groupies & Lockeroom Therapy.

7. Out of towner? He's either not looking for anything serious (cuz he's going home soon anyway), OR he's looking for a wifey. Neither benefit you.

[Break: Umm, I'm gonna take this time to make a little PSA while we're on this point girls, a 'wifey' is not what you think it is, it's just code for a 'nanny' (not to mention a cruel way of sucking us in). No way do you want to be one right now, and no way does a college boy deserve one.]

6. Roomates.

5. Chances are he's only recently discovered 'booty' (...um, can you say selfish?)

4. Broke Ass.

3. His friends (always remember: bros before... you know).

2. He's surrounded by girls... most with lower standards than Paris Hilton, let alone you.

1. YouTube.

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